African Oscar Award! AMAA 2016

Spirits of Rebellion was in competition at the AMAA Awards (African Movie Academy Awards, aka the African Oscars) in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria on June 11, 2016. It was seen by an international jury of 12 who came from Nigeria, Ghana, USA, South Africa, Great Britain and Burkina Faso.  We won Best Diaspora Documentary! It is a very lovely statue!

Zeinabu accepted the award and gave a short speech; the ceremony was broadcast to over 100 million people in 21 countries in Africa. Here is the Youtube link to the ceremony. It’s long, but the speech is at 3:10:20

Zeinabu has been to West Africa several times, but this was her first trip to Nigeria and it won’t be her last.  It was also a wonderful experience because unlike our Academy Awards here in the United States, there were 4 additional women directors who won major awards – best documentary, best Diaspora feature, best animation and best Nigerian feature. She got to meet and make friends with two of the other directors and it was indeed very affirming and inspiring!

The film has also been selected for the BlackStar Festival in Philadelphia, August 3-7 (also in juried competition), screening on Sunday, August 7 at 4:40 pm at International House in Philadelphia, PA (Zeinabu’s hometown) and Black Harvest in Chicago, August 26-28. IMG_3547.jpg

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  1. J.Lists says:

    So very proud of Zeinabu. a well deserved honor!

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